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Lightspeed POS integration with Magento 2 ®.

  •  Full catalog pulled from Lightspeed to Magento 2 ®
  •  Orders & Inventory levels pushed to Lightspeed
  •  Lightspeed Manufacturers as Brands
  •  Manual force sync button in admin

Magento 2 ® to Lightspeed Retail </br> Complete Sync

Our same Magento 1 module packaged for Magento 2 ®. Now available!


0auth2 API
No third parties
2 direct connections: Lightspeed + Magento ®
Efficient background sync
POS as main interface
Import categories
Worldwide Compatibility
Manufacturers as Brands
Real-time stock levels
Product Images Import
Custom integration available
Product Support
Flexible Compatibilities



Lightspeed module for Magento 2 ® -
Get rid of 3rd parties


Lightspeed Magento 2 integration- v.1.2.0

Retrieve your full Inventory Catalog, Categories and many more fields from Lightspeed Retails

No 3rd party. (Cut-off recurrent fees and additional interfaces. Our approach results in easier management.)

Securely operational behind your Magento 2 ® admin. The module is locked-down from any unauthorized access.

Syncs your Lightspeed product's images over Magento 2 ® (without replacing existing ones)

Designed for

Admins wanting to minimize usage of Magento ® interface for their clients.

Admins who which to use Lightspeed catalog as main data source to feed Magento 2 ®

And for those who seek a one-time fee, self-hosted, customizable solution for Magento 2 ®

Clients looking to use Lightspeed manufacturers as Brands

Productiviy Booster! Keep accurate data synced between platforms.

Set it up, forget it. An open-source module offering expanding capabilities!


Install on your local server as a Magento 2 ® module

Updates, Install docs & Supports

Always free!

Magento ® Flexibility

CE 2.1.X & 2.2.X | Magento EE


Magento 2 ® to Lightspeed Retail
Complete Sync*

$ 399.00

  • NOW AVAILABLE (v.1.2.3)
  • Lightspeed Retail application approved
  • Completed orders synced to LS
  • Products sync with images
  • Matrix attributes supported
  • Instant inventory deduction
  • Brands sync as Manufacturers
  • Cron job ready
  • Logs in admin
Buy Now

*1x Licence per Domain | 15 Days Money-back if not working as described | Supports Magento ® CE & EE | We install for Free

Not ready ? Let us remind you of Magento 2 ® to Lightspeed Retail
Complete Sync

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Why Magento 2 Lightspeed API Connector?

Lightspeed is a leading Retail store Point of Sale system in north america and growing worldwise. Its integration with Magento offers a multi-channel selling environment.
Magento eCommerce being the leader online shop platform, many clients have trouble managing its complex catalog. Often manually entering products and have a dedicated personel for that task which is quite repetitive. How Lightspeed integration helps? By using the same centralized POS interface, they manage their inventory system as well as their online catalog. Online orders from Magento appears in Lightspeed API Retail solution and allows easy management for the whole staff.
It's like marrying both platforms and have them work for you, not the other way around.
Acumula connector for Lightspeed offers additional interfaces to manage and sync the inventory which are cumbersome. As administrators don't want to fiddle around other screens to administrate their stores. Kosmos-central also offers an integration to join the two platform (Magento and Lightspeed) But as a high-recurring monthly fee. There's no need, Maurisource Extension eliminates these cons.
  • A 2 way sync of your inventory levels - simple products live syncing
  • Custom API extension for Lightspeed, means open-source and flexibility.
  • CRON-job with high and frequent syncing.
  • Import all Magento orders to Lightspeed Retail POS
  • Import all Magento customers to Lightspeed Retail POS
  • Synchronize the Lightspeed inventory with Magento
  • Allow backorders - In stock - Out of stock
  • Import all your product images in a jiff
  • Nothing to administrate, it works by itself in the background