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Capture and create Sendy email campaigns directly from Magento.

  •  Capture email subscribers & 2-way sync with your Sendy
  •  Create and send email campaigns directly from Magento
  •  Neswletter template saved in Magento
  •  Independent of Sendy server location

Sendy.co + Magento ® integration

As seen on

Magento Connect Approved


Connects with your API-Key
Encrypted API Connection
Multiple Servers
2-way sync with Sendy
Capture Newsletter subscribers
All from Magento
Magento WYSIWYG editor
Create & Send Newsletters
Template library
Save or Send Instantly
Centralized data
Upload Newsletter Templates
We Install for Free
Product Support
Flexible Magento Compatibilities


Live Demo

SENDIT live demo

Magento admin demo account

USER: sendy

PASS: sendy123



SENDIT 2-way subscriber sync v2.0

Newsletter Subscribers / Unsubscribers in Magento updates your Sendy list.

Newsletter Subscribers / Unsubscribers in Sendy updates the attached Magento customer preferences.

Sendy subscribers management within Magento, 1-click import or export list to Sendy

Using API connection: means multiple server support. (Magento & Sendy can be on complete different server)

Supports different Lists per store views. Practical for multi-languages

SENDIT Campaign Creator v1.1

Create New / Edit / Save / Delete / Duplicate Campaigns

You can load HTML pre-built template Layouts into your Library

Magento WYSIWYG editor allows you to visually edit your Template or switch to HTML code view

Select multiple Sending Lists separated by commas.

Option to Save the campaign as Draft in Magento or in Sendy

Option to Send the Campaign via Sendy using cron job. Your campaign begins to send within minutes


Hooked only to your Sendy API-Key

Updates, Install & Supports

Customers get these included

Magento Flexibility

Works on Magento to Magento


SENDIT Complete Suite*

$ 99.00

  • SENDIT 2-Way Subscriber
    SENDIT Campaign Creator
  • Create & Send campaigns from within Magento
  • Everything managed in one place
  • 2 free foundation basic templates
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SENDIT 2-way subscriber*

$ 69.00

  • Magento Newsletter Subscribers synced to Sendy
  • 2-way syncing between Magento & Sendy
  • 1 click import/export Sendy list
  • Update customer newsletter preferences
  • Sendy subscriptions management in Magento
  • Sendy list per store view supported
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*1x Licence per Domain | 15 Days Money-back if not working as described | Supports Magento ® CE & EE | We install for Free

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