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Edit your Magento Catalog quickly and easily from an Excel-Type interface.

  •  Add and edit existing products with a spreadsheet editor.
  •  Create new, manage categories and upload images.
  •  Supports multiple store-views.

Mallea - Magento catalog as Excel

Pro tip: A good internet connection will help you maintain a large Catalog seamlessly.


Locked under Magento Admin
Secured Local File Transfer
2-Way Sync Connection
Always hooked to Magento
Mass products entry & editing
Manage All from One Interface
On-the-Fly Category Creation
Compatible with your Tablets
Switch Store-Views
Commit Changes Instantly
All from One place
Upload Products Images
We Install for Free
Product Support
Flexible Magento Compatibilities


Live Demo

MALLEA Demo Video

See how easy it is to change price and product images

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MALLEA - A new way to administrate Magento


Mallea - The Excel-Like Editor v.1.0

Retrieves your full Product's Catalogue from Magento

Installed locally on your server, file transfers are all server-side executed (Results in speedy queries with your database and files transfers)

Securely grounded behind your Magento admin login credentials. The tool is locked-down from any unauthorized access.

Hide unneeded columns attributes. Focus on what matters.

Designed for

Admins who wish to give an easy Magento experience to their customers

Admins who want to copy-paste content from Excel to Mallea and populate the database.

Those who love Magento but not dealing with their Products Cataloging Management

Those familiar with Excel Spreadsheets and own a Magento store. They cannot live without Mallea.

Productiviy Boosters! Editing Prices in Bulk? A half-day job resumed to 1-hour.

Store owners, manage your store from your Tablets.


Hooked on your server to your Magento install

Updates, Install & Supports

Our customers get those for Free

Magento Flexibility

Works on Magento to Magento 1.9.1


Mallea - Magento catalog as Excel*

$ 525.00

  • Spreadsheet-like editor to edit your products and add new ones.
  • 2-way sync with Magento database.
  • Secured connection
  • Load different store-views.
  • Create new Categories on the fly.
  • Upload products images.
  • Mass products entry & editing.
  • Accessible from your mobile tablets.
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*1x Licence per Domain | 15 Days Money-back if not working as described | Supports Magento ® CE & EE | We install for Free

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What is Mallea?

Mallea is an Excel Style software tool that allows you to extract your Magento product information and edit it in a safe and reliable way, helping you to more effectively manage your time and your online store.

A number of business owners use the Magento platform, after all it’s largely considered the industry standard. But many also have difficulties with its Products Catalogue Management System and find it a little confusing and cumbersome to use.

Mallea makes things a whole lot simpler, giving you the ability to retrieve product information and edit that content with ease. That includes updating product descriptions and managing bulk changes to pricing. The software sits on your own server so you don’t have to worry about loss of access when you most need it and it is linked to your Magento login preventing any unauthorised access and making sure you stay secure.

In short, Mallea makes life for online shop owners a whole lot easier.

If you are a Magento user there may well be a number of processes that you do on a daily basis that you would like to be quicker or simpler. Mallea’s excel-style spreadsheet gives you the opportunity to edit products and add new ones, whether you are sat in the office or at home on your tablet in front of the TV.
  • A 2 way sync with the Magento database means that transferring data is as quick and efficient – changes made on Magento are immediately reflected in Mallea and vice versa.
  • The secured connection which lies behind your Magento login password means that your online business is protected.
  • You can load different store fronts, create new categories on the fly and edit mass product information with greater ease.